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The Dimple Cure for Fat Shots

When first introduced in 1905, dimples allowed golf balls to sail through the air much more smoothly. Now, a new breakthrough sole technology is revolutionizing wedges – enabling them to effortlessly glide through the sand, turf and rough, and resurrecting your short game

"It just cut through the grass, cuts through the sand – like it was cutting through butter. This wedge is amazing."
— Tim Highland, Handicap 17.4- Scottsdale AZ
Dear Friend,
Did you know…?
A Golf ball without dimples flies only half as far.
Why? Because the dimples form air pockets around the golf ball, which provide a cushion of air for it to glide across.
Without dimples, a USGA study found, —the ball will drop from the sky in half the time.
With dimples, a ball will travel much more easily and go twice as far.
What makes a golf ball stay in the air?
Here is what Frank Thomas -USGA Chief Technical Director has to say…
Tee up 2 balls with A driver.
One with dimples
One without dimples
Total Distance with 109 mph swing speed
130 yards (no dimples)
290 yards (with dimples)
Dimples make a difference
Could a dimple pattern reduce surface drag on a wedge sole?
Harvard thinks so….

Harvard University Study: Dimple Pattern

Reduces Drag by 50%.
APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (Fall) 2015, abstract id. R14.005
How does a dimple work?
When a golf ball is in air…
Dimples create air cushion around the ball, so there is Smooth air around the ball and less drag.
Dimples make the ball glide
Drag on your traditional wedge causes chunk shots

In a 1993 study by Harvard University they proved –


Choi et al. [6] conducted a detailed study of how surface dimpling can trigger the turbulent flow around a golf ball and reduced the drag significantly. The surface dimpling shifts the critical region to a much lower Reynolds number and at critical region, the drag coefficient reduced by almost 50% compared to the smooth ball. APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (Fall) 2015, abstract id. R14.005
So how does this work on a wedge sole?

Less sole ground contact = less drag friction = NO CHUNKS!!!

First off…
Only 30 pct of the sole is even touching the ground.
Which reduces drag and friction through the sand and turf.
Less contact area = less drag friction= NO CHUNKS!!!
That’s how Turf and Dynamics works!
Compare to you wedge
Your wedge is a chunk shot machine
Thin sole…
Sharp leading edge….
Steel sole with tons of friction
You just as well carry a shovel to the course.
Imagine gliding through sand instead of digging down under the ball.
This is why you leave it in the bunker as you buddies look on shaking their heads again…..
Need more proof dimples work?

Tour De France Front-Runners Switch to New Dimple Technology Wheels

Could dimples help bicycle wheels glide through the air?
Texas A and M University thinks so…….
Zipp company reently released a dimpled cycle wheels, and they seem to work, being chosen by a number of top teams including some Tour de France front runners.
Zipp had spent time and money developing the dimples in the Texas A&M low-speed wind tunnel
The dimpled wheels showed very good Reynolds numbers, especially when compared to similar, non-dimpled versions.
The result is a wheel that is not just faster in one condition, but faster through the range of conditions.

World’s Fastest Shark Has Skin Pattern That Models a Dimple.

NewScientist Magazine- March 4th, 2019
Brand New research shows….
Patches of flexible, scale-like denticles on the shark’s skin allow it to glide more efficiently through the water.
Millions of tiny “Denticles” covering the mako shark’s skin could be the secret to its incredible speed.
Mako sharks are known as the cheetahs of the ocean, rocketing through the water at speeds of up to 68 kilometres per hour.
Stroke a shark from nose to tail, and its skin feels smooth.
Rub it up the wrong way, however, and a shark feels sandpaper rough.
That is due to being covered in millions of the tiny, protruding denticles
Denticles on a shark work like a dimple = causing it to glide

Your Traditional Wedge Sole Can’t Glide.

The traditional wedge sole is so tiny….
So narrow..
Sharp leading edge..
Friction on the sole causing it to drag
Face is small….
Requires the perfect ball turf contact
Your walking into a “fat shot trap” right when you pick it up
No wonder you leave it in the bunker.
Stop making it harder than it should be
Now there is a new solution for you

Introducing the Dimple Wedge….

3X Larger Sole Than Your Wedge.

It’s huge and you’re gonna love it….
Why is it better?
It’s almost impossible to chunk.
The larger dimple sole just glides through sand and turf without digging.
How many times have you left it in the bunker with your buddies watching?
That horrible feeling in your stomach when…
You barely miss the green and walk off with a double bogey.
That’s about to end…
Imagine stepping up to your next sand shot with confidence knowing
This wedge is going to glide

Never Fear The Bunker Shot Again

Don’t have to worry about opening the face and hitting 2 inches behind the ball In the sand.
The large glide sole does the work for you.
No more
Aiming left…
Swinging left …
Using your hands to get the ball in the air
This is why you struggle out of the bunkers with the traditional wedge.
It forces you to use a wedge swing that the only the pros have mastered.
The Weekend Joes –Don’t have the time to spend 10 hours a week in a bunker

How Are Dimples Going To Help Get Me Out Of the Bunker?

Just like the Dimples work through the air on a golf ball.
They cut through the air -forming a air cushion around the golf ball for it glide.
When the sole enters the sand the dimples go to work…
Pushing back the sand from the sole to prevent digging.
The Super Glide sole glide through the sand like butter.
No more aiming left..
Swinging left..
Trying to hit exactly 2 inches behind the ball.
Just let the dimple wide sole wedge do the work
Set up square.
Let the sole glide through the sand or turf.
Introducing Repel X Sole technology….
The dimples repel the sand and grass from the sole as you glide right through the turf or sand.
Not to mention the sole is 3X as wide as the size of the traditional wedge.
No friction.
Wider Sole
No Digging
No more embarrassing chunks that make you look like a hack golfer in front of your buddies
Just like the dimples work on a golf ball..
The dimples create air cushions that help the wedge glide and repel the sand or turf away from sole.

Get out of a bunker the first time, every time.

And it’s not your swing.
There’s one BIG reason you leave shots in the bunker.
It’s the same reason you ochunk your sand wedge around the green…and now, there’s a massive breakthrough that provides ALL golfers an advantage.
It’s proven in science, this one discovery has changed EVERYTHING!
Are you frustrated nearly every round by chunking a wedge near the green or leaving a ball in the sand?
Wouldn’t you like a wedge that helps you get out of the sand the first time EVERY time?
A wedge that’s nearly impossible to hit fat and that makes pitches from the rough or fairway SO much easier?
Everyone would. Then why are sand wedges so hard to hit consistently well?
It’s because most wedges are designed for Tour players, guys that practice for hours every day.
Their wedges have a very narrow sole, and little to no forgiveness technology built in.
With traditional wedges, you must time your swing just right and be SO precise!
And those new game improvement wedges sold on tv, well they may not have the quality performance and great looks that you want in your bag.
You know you need a great performing, impossible to chunk, super-forgiving PREMIUM quality sand wedge! One that not only performs but looks GREAT!
But up until now such a wedge just didn’t exist.
Harry became so frustrated that the 99% of all other golfers had trouble with chunking and digging with their sand wedges.
Golfers just like you.
He knew a BIG part of the problem was with the SOLE of the sand wedge itself.
The sole of most sand wedges are very narrow and give Tour players loads of options to hit shots from any lie.
BUT those pros possess world class hand-eye coordination and have practiced those shots for literally thousands and thousands of hours.

So what’s the problem for us mere mortals?

These sand wedges are NOT forgiving. If you don’t swing across the ball and catch it JUST RIGHT you might chunk it, blade it, shank it… It can be a total disaster!
And you’re right next to the green…talk about frustrating!
The soles of these wedges and even the wider, so-called, game improvement wedges are flat and pretty smooth.
And it dawned on Harry. Golf balls aren’t smooth…they have dimples.
Those dimples make them aerodynamic and allow them to rise up and cut through the air with ease. University studies have shown that a dimple-less golf ball drops out of the air, flies lower and shorter. Why?
Poor aerodynamics…translation…they don’t CUT THROUGH THE AIR!
What would happen if the science of aerodynamics behind golf ball flight was applied to the sole of a sand wedge?
Theoretically, it will produce less friction due to reduced surface area in contact with the turf or sand.
And that was the story behind the ground breaking science and secret to the amazing performance of the all new, Harry Taylor series 405, dimpled wide sole wedges.
These wedges might be the BEST looking wedges you have ever seen...but what really makes his new wedges something you WILL want to play, is the exclusive, super low friction, chunk-proof, dimpled sole.
Because of the dimple design, the sole of the series 405 has the most surface area per square inch of any wedge on the market.
It just glides through ANY sand, grass, or rough like no wedge you have ever played before. It’s science!!
More surface area means more bounce in soft turf like sand or wet lies.
But in firm turf like the rough, tight lies, or hard pan the dimples decrease the surface area for less contact with the ground.
Less contact area = less friction. Less friction = less drag and less drag = NO CHUNKS!!!
That’s how Turf Dynamics works!

Benefits of the Dimple Sole Wedge

  • Never open the face again and swing across the ball to get it in the air
  • Glides through the sand and turf with digging
  • The face is engineered with a 303 stainless steel for a soft feel around the greens
  • The dimple sole is 3 times as wide the size of a traditional wedge
  • Almost impossible to chunk
  • Repel X Dimple Sole technology repels the sand and turf away from the sole to avoid digging.
  • Get it out of every bunker the very first time.
  • Resurrect your short game without changing your swing
  • Precision Milled U-shaped grooves for insane spin that stops the ball on a dime right by the pin
  • Tour Quality grip with non-slip pattern

“My Golf Spy”Reveals All

“Not a single tester performed best with the traditional wedge”
In a recent test of 10-20 Handicaps by My Golf Spy
They tested the traditional thin soled wedge vs the wide sole wedges.
  • 8 golfers with handicaps ranging from 10-20 participated in this test.
  • Each tester hit 12-14 shots for each club from the group
  • All shots were recorded regardless if the ball finished on the green
    And the winner......
    The WIDE sole by a landslide.
    5 of the 8 testers produced the worst results with the traditional wedge.
    So, do these non-conventional wedges really perform?
    Our data suggests that they do for the average golfer.
    They can certainly help you get the ball out of the sand on your first try.

    He was the “Taylor” in TaylorMade

    Harry Taylor — The Man behind the design.
    He’s nothing but a legend behind the curtain of some of the biggest clubs ever made.
    Harry was the Mastermind behind these 2 of the most successful products ever.
    #1 Metalwood at Taylormade.
    #1 Iron at Mizuno
    Well thanks to an epiphany by Harry Taylor, a 10-year PGA Tour Player, who’s also a quarter century PGA Member and Instructor and a renowned iron, wedge and Metalwood designer for Taylor Made, Mizuno and Founders Club, now finally something has been done about it.
    Harry Taylor not only was a PGA Tour and Champions Tour player, he literally helped train
    Bob Vokey on wedge design.
    On tour quality wedge designing, Harry is THAT GOOD.
    But while Harry Taylor has designed Tour winning wedges in his sleep.
    He became so frustrated that the 99% of all other golfers had trouble with chunking and digging
    with their sand wedges.
    Golfers just like you.
    He knew a BIG part of the problem was with the SOLE of the sand wedge itself.
    The sole of most sand wedges are very narrow and give Tour players loads of options to hit shots from any lie — BUT those pros possess world class hand-eye coordination and have practiced those shots for literally thousands and thousands of hours.
    Why You’re Not Breaking 80 –
    Inside the Numbers with a Columbia Professor.
    A Columbian professor recently studied the short game stats
    You won’t believe this…
    How many greens do you think you hit a round?
    I mean actually hit the green
    9 ..
    Not even close.
    The average 15-20 handicap golfer only hits 5 greens a round.
    This means that you 13 times in a round you have to get up and down
    And the stats say…
    You get up and down 30 pct of the time
    This doesn’t count the double chips and pitches or the times you leave it in the sand.
    What does this mean?
    You have to get up and down to break 80
    It’s that simple
    Imagine knocking off 5 shots a round-just by getting up and down around the green a few times more

    How to Consistently Shoot In the High 70’s

    Back to the Columbia Professor stats..
    He says…
    65% of your shots come within 100 yards of the green
    Almost every golfer we know, beats balls on the range until his hands bleed.
    Everyone does it
    And we wonder why we never get better.

    Eliminating the chunks, blades and double chips saves you 5-9 shots a round.

    Hitting it 5 feet closer gives you a 50% better chance to make the putt
    Let’s say you are shooting in the high 80’s most days.
    Subtract 8 shots …
    Easily gets you in the high 70’s
    What if you could eliminate the double chips-- chunks and blades and get up and down just 50% of the time?
    It’s that easy to do.

    Since 1981, The Average golfer has not improved.

    The USGA is in tizzy about golfers hitting the ball too far.
    Balls are softer than ever
    Drivers are going longer and longer
    Are you getting better?
    What about the short game??
    Almost every golfer we know, beats balls on the range until his hands bleed.
    That’s all he does
    And we wonder why we never get better.
    Inside of 100 yards moves the needle on your score and big manufacturers keep selling you on 5 more yards off the tee.

    Why Big Manufacturers Can’t Change Their

    Core Wedge Design
    Let’s get something straight.
    Golf is about the money…
    Do you think the pro’s on tv are going to play a game improvement wedge?
    Big Manufacturers are selling you the dream.
    Picture this..
    You are watching the golf coverage on ESPN.
    Here comes the commercials.
    Dustin Johnson in the bunker hitting the perfect wedge shot to 2 feet
    Easy tap in…
    Rory, DJ, Speith flash on screen hitting beautiful wedges.
    It’s a new wedge technology.
    Never seen before
    The number #1 wedge on the PGA tour

    You’re not Rory, DJ and Speith

    Big Golf is trapped
    They need the superstars on TV to play their wedges to move the needle
    So they can sell wedges and a lot of them
    The pros don’t need the game improvement style wedges
    They already have perfect hand eye coordination
    In fact, They have a professional short game coach
    Not to mention…
    They practice for hours every week
    So where does this leave you?
    Out in the cold and stuck in the bunker.
    The pros can play the skinny traditional sole wedge.
    When you pinch the ball just perfectly off the turf.
    The ball climbs up the face and spins.
    Pro’s do it everytime.
    But when you are barely miss the perfect ball/turf contact
    Stays in bunker…
    As your buddies shake their head
    (Break wedge over knee)
    Sound familiar?

    Hit 3 inches behind the ball and it still get it on the green

    It’s no secret..

    Golfers Want To Hang With The Crew Shooting In The 70’s

    If you shoot in the 70’s….
    You’re held up on a pedestal.
    Looked up too.
    Talked about
    Invited on the good golf trips.
    Asked to play in the high-end tournaments.
    Nobody wants to play you and watch the circus of taking 2-3 shots to get out of the bunker.
    It’s the truth
    Wouldn’t you like to compete in the club championship.
    And actually have a shot to win your division?
    It’s time to stop embarrassing yourself around the greens.

    No more 2 Shot Sam

    You know Sam….
    The guy at the club everyone holds their breath when he steps in the bunker
    He always takes 2 shots to get out of the sand.
    Sam takes it back…
    You hear the “THUD”
    But the ball never comes out.
    Sand flies up but…
    NO BALL..
    Sam takes 2 shots to get out of every bunker.
    All of his buddies are up on the green waiting to putt out and same is down in the bunker digging up sand like a golden retriever.
    Sam hangs his head and just takes the trash talk from his buddies
    Time after time
    Do you ever feel like Sam ?
    How many times can leave it in the bunker?
    What if there was a new solution a new wedge that would get you out of the bunker inn one shot everytime?
    Now there is….

    This Isn’t just 1 wedge—Your new weapons from

    100 yards and in…..
    Let’s break down where you will use the Dimples wedges from 100 yards and in.

    52- Degree Wedge-


    • 80-100 yards of the green
    • Longer bunker shots
    • Longer Pitch shots
    Don’t leave home without it. This is the most versatile wedge we offer—Period
    Imagine standing in the fairway from 96 yards out—you have to hit it close—your buddies are watching and you can trust it
    “This Sole Is Not Going To Dig”
    Flight it down in the wind- Choke down from 80 yards—Take it out of the bunker from 70 yards- throw it up in air--
    This wedge does it all from 100 yards and in
    56 Degree Wedge-
    • 50-80 yards of the green
    • Mid-range bunker shots
    • Mid-range Pitch shots
    We call the 56 degree “The Mule”
    It’s a workhorse of a wedge.
    80 yards and in and you hit it close?
    This is the perfect wedge from 60-80 yards out—that in-between shot that you almost always chunk or blade when your buddies are watching
    “Never Fear The 60 Yard Wedge Shot Again”
    --No more laying sod over the ball
    --Trying to steer it on green
    You can set up and let the wedge sole do the work for you
    This is the scoring zone and you can now take “dead aim’ at the pin. Imagine stepping up from 60 yards and trying to make it. Your new mindset will be the key to dominating this scoring zone.
    60 Degree Wedge-
    • 20-40 yards of the green
    • Short bunker shots with when pin is tight
    • High-lofted pitch shots when you are short sided
    • Flop shots
    Here we go….
    Now it’s getting fun.
    How many times have you opened the face – aim left trying to hit a high lofted shot and….
    You Chunk it!
    And now—you have the same shot again with your buddies laughing.
    That ends today.
    Hit those high lofted wedges into any pin and spin them back
    This is Mr Reliable around the green and can get out of any bunker you will face.
    64 Degree Wedge-
    • 5-25 Yards of the green
    • Super Loft shots
    • No green to work with –Pin cut close to edge
    This is your “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”
    There is not a pin you can’t go at with this wedge.
    Imagine hitting sky high flop shots like “Phil Mickelson” on command
    With 64 degress of loft—it’s like having an automatic flop shot built right i to the face.
    Now you can go at any pin –Get out of any bunker-
    Without opening the face.
    No more tricky bump and run shots
    Fly it straight to the pin and never putt from off the green again
    This wedge is a blast to hit and allows you to attack any pin at any time
    Talk about confidence…

    All 4 Lofts That Give You A Total Short Game Makeover

    It’s not going to help if you solve one wedge loft and not the others.
    The easy card to shooting in the 70’s is solving 100 yards and in….
    You have heard it for years.
    With the Short Game Makeover Package.
    You will have the answer to every shot you can face within 100 yards.
    What are you buddies going to say when you go from struggling out of the bunkers to tap in pars?
    It’s time to resurrect your short game from the dead.
    What do you have to risk?
    If you wedges don’t work for you.
    Harry insists that you ask for you money back.
    All of it.
    The ball in inn your court.

    Harry’s 3 Ball Challenge



    Is your traditional wedge working for you?
    Esp if your reading this far down the page.
    Harry has the “3 Ball Challenge” money back guarantee.
    Take the wedge to the course.
    Drop 3 balls in bunker
    Set up…
    Use your normal swing
    If you don’t get all 3 balls out of the bunker in one shot
    Ask for every cent of your money back
    Harry doesn’t want your money.
    Simple as that.
    Harry believes in his product that much has seen the results of so many golfers
    What do you have to lose?

    We’ve tested the Harry Taylor wedge with hundreds of golfer’s just like you. 10 handicaps, 20 handicapers, scratch golfers, righties and lefties with the same results… Everyone gets out of the sand the first time! Because of that we think every recreational golfer is going to want at least one or two.




    Be warned!




    We make these wedges in small batches to Harry’s exacting specifications so there’s never that many in stock at one time.




    If we run out of stock—The ship times will go to almost 1 month.


    Don’t delay…




    We have them now, we make no guarantees we’ll have them later. Ask yourself, how many more times do you want to stand over a bunker shot and hope it gets out. It’s time to know.




    Whether you order 1, 2, 3, or all 4 wedges your order ships for free!




    Of course, it’s GUARANTEED!




    You have nothing to lose except strokes.




    Every premium quality Harry Taylor Wedge features a money back guarantee.




    If you don’t love the wedge, if it doesn’t help you get out of the sand every time, return it for 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.


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