"I am a 71 yr old, who still holds a 3.2 hcp index (under the new system). I purchased 54 and 58 degree 305 wedges recently from Harry Taylor Golf. I don't know where you get your heads or shafts, but it does not matter. The only thing that matters is these are the best wedges I have ever put my hands on and as a golfer who has been playing 50+ years, these hands have held many wedges. I could start a used wedge store and be in business for a while. Thank you for an amazing club!"

- Pete, Customer from S.C.

"When I find something that is as advertised I believe it deserves some positive feedback. Usually, when I get a promo for a “new” design golf club, I think it is just a gimmick. But my wedge and especially sand play was suffering. The first time I used these wedges, I made 2 sand saves and some very nice lob shots. I have now used the wedges for 3 rounds and continue to get out of the sand with very good results. Will definitely keep these wedges. The price was exceptional as well. High quality, great design. Now if you can only get me a driver that gives me 20-25 more yards!"

- Jamie, Customer from F.L.

"Recently I purchased 2 of the series 405 wedges, the 52 and the 56. I've been playing this game for 35 years. As a single digit handicap'r, I can honestly say I've never experienced wedge play like this. The control you can get with a full swing out of the rough is incredible. When you swing this club you can feel the head in your back swing. Your wrist naturally goes flat and the club easily gets on plane. I attribute this to the extra girth of the club head. I know once I feel that in my back-swing, I can then whip my right shoulder around my spine and the ball will fly high and spin hard, even out of the sand or rough. These are the easiest golf clubs I've ever hit. I would love to see an entire set of irons designed like this. You could revolutionize golf with this technology."

- Michael, Customer from N.J.

"As a PGA Professional who is always learning about the newest equipment, I find Mr. Taylor's story extremely interesting! All the way back to the Taylor Made metal woods and Mizuno Irons (best still in my opinion), it is great to see a product which is high end but does not hammer the consumer with price. As they say, sometimes less is more. I look forward to hopefully coming across these wedges at some point to see what they are all about. They look great and I wish you all the best of luck in 2016."

- Adam Scott, PGA, Assistant Director PGA Golf Management Mississippi State University

"They really throwback to the “golden age” of wedges with fine lines, accent colors that aren’t too drastic, as well as a look in-hand and in-bag that shouts quality in a lot of ways."

-James Miles, The Hackers Paradise

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"Eight years later, Mizuno was celebrating it’s eighth straight year as the #1 iron on the PGA Tour, and no one was more responsible for this success than Harry Taylor."

- My Spy Golf

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"There is a definite aura of "old school" to these from the aesthetic to the shaft/grip selection, and frankly they look fantastic" -Hacker's Paradise

Read the In depth review and join the conversation happening at The Hackers Paradise (http://www.thehackersparadise.com)

"Wow. Got my 54* wedge today. What a beauty. Looks better than the Vokeys I play."

-Mike W.

"That is one good lookin club! Been looking for a classic SW since 1972 and this may be it!"

-Paul B.

"This is the second wedge I've purchased Love the 58 degree."

-Bob W.

"Congrats on the new endeavor. Wedges look great with subtle bounce relief. Less marketing and more substance. They look great, solid."

-John S.

"It has been a long time since tour days! I am happy for your success! I knew of your work with Gary Adams with Taylor Made and Founders. Your wedges look very nice! Best wishes for good health and good golf for you and your family!"

-Jeff S.