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The Harry Taylor 405 Red Dimple Wedge

What you should know

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Why the Harry Taylor 405 Red Wedge?

If you would like to get out of the sand the first time, every time there is an answer. And it’s not you, it’s not even your technique, it’s in the design of your sand wedge.

Look at every sand wedge you’ve ever owned, then the ones in your playing partner’s bags and you’ll see the same thing; thin, smooth soles that don’t have a ton of surface area and lack forgiveness in the sand.

But, use the Harry Taylor 405 Red Wedge in the sand and you will flat out improve your bunker play dramatically.

Why? It’s no fluke, this wedge was designed by Harry Taylor, former 10-year Tour Pro and legendary designer. The same Harry Taylor who designed some of the best clubs in the world for TaylorMade, Mizuno, and Founders Club.

The fact is, most sand wedges aren’t designed for you, the amateur golfer. They were designed for a Tour Pro, a guy who can practice his bunker shots for hours every day, not the player who plays a few times a week and can’t afford the extra time needed to master the thin soled sand wedge.

We think the enemy isn’t the bunker, it’s that thin soled, unforgiving sand wedge.

Because Harry has spent the last few years working on the perfect sand wedge for the amateur golfer, there is finally a wedge made just for you, one that will work in the sand even if you can’t practice every day. We know, we’ve tested the Harry Taylor wedge with hundreds of golfer’s just like you. 10 handicaps, 20 handicappers, no handicaps, righties and lefties with the same results… Everyone gets out of the sand the first time!


The Harry Taylor Design Wedge has a different design, a design that features dimples on a wide sole making it way more forgiving and easier to hit out of the sand. The dimples add surface area (just like dimples work on a golf ball!) so these wedges have more surface area per square inch than any wedge in existence. The result, in the sand the extra surface area created by the dimples keeps the club from digging, the club glides effortlessly through the sand sending your ball on to the green. On the flip side, when the sole is moving through something firmer like taking a divot in the rough, those same dimples decrease the surface area coming in contact with the dirt. The sole just glides through the turf like a hot knife through butter. We call it Turf Dynamics. You can call it easy.

We know it can be hard to invest in new equipment but because we sell factory direct to you, cutting out the middleman, we can provide the highest quality product at an incredibly low price so nothing should hold you back from solving your bunker problems.

Be warned! We make these wedges in small batches to Harry’s exact specifications so there’s never that many in stock at one time. We have them now; we make no guarantees we’ll have them later. Ask yourself, how many more times do you want to stand over a bunker shot and hope it gets out. It’s time to know.

You can get started by choosing the 56-degree wedge. If you like the wedge you can add a second at an even greater discount. (We recommend the 60-degree next) If you order just one wedge, shipping is only $2.99. If you order 2, 3, or all 4 wedges your order ships for free! The more you order the larger the discount!

The thing is, you have nothing to lose (except strokes). Every premium quality Harry Taylor Wedge features a money back guarantee. If you don’t like the wedge, if it doesn’t help you get out of the sand every time, return it for 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.

Harry Taylor 405 Red Wedges

  • Created by legendary golf club designer Harry Taylor. The perfect sand wedge for the amateur golfer. Get out of the sand the first time, every time. Impossible to chunk!
  • Super-forgiving wide dimpled sole: The wider sole, with its golf-ball-like dimples, is engineered to glide through sand or thick grass like a hot knife through butter.
  • Precision milled face and grooves produces a perfectly flat face and high spin rates.
  • Soft feeling 303 steel: Softer, higher quality than the traditional 1025 carbon steel forged golf club.
  • Available in 52, 56, 60, and 64 degree lofts.
  • Right and Left Handed.
  • Chrome Satin finish.
  • Changes your wedge game in one swing!