HT-1000 Laser Range Finder

                  Lock on the target from up to 1,000 yards away!

This is the most powerful Laser Rangefinder under $200 on the market!

1,000 Yard Range To +/- 1 Yard

6X Magnification

Slope Technology

"Flag-Lok" Visual and Vibrating

Everything we do at Harry Taylor is designed to make the game easier and the HT-1000 is no exception.  Enjoy your game and know, armed with the HT-1000 you’ll always know the exact distance to your target.

The HT-1000 Range finder with slope technology is easy to use, reliable, and accurate.

All Harry Taylor Golf Company products are designed to make golf easier and the HT-1000 Range Finder is no exception.  Quick and simple to use “Flag-lok” technology provides both visual and vibrating cues when you’ve locked on to the target.  Our long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery will keep you in operation all day on just one charge.  Plus, whether you decide to use slope mode on not, best in class laser technology will give you the exact yardage on our easy to read screen every time. 


How it works

Your HT-1000 has a range of up to 1000 yards (915 meters) with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.   The HT1000 features our “Clearview” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), an adjustable eyepiece with a 6X magnification, and Flag-Lok technology that provides both visual and physical (vibration) verification when you have locked on to the flag.  Also, the slope feature can be turned on or off depending on your needs and the rules of play. 

Distance Accuracy

The accuracy of your HT-1000 Range Finder is +/- 1 yard in most situations.  The maximum range does depend on surface reflectivity, lighting, and size of target.  If the surface you are targeting is dull or very small, if you are in high glare conditions, or your angle of approach is overly steep your accuracy and range will be limited.  However, in most environmental conditions, particularly those found on a golf course, your HT-1000 when used properly will provide a highly accurate distance to target.

Adjustable Eyepiece

The HT-1000 has an adjustable eyepiece that allows you to focus the view to your preferences.  Simply rotate the eyepiece in either direction until your view is as clear as possible. 

Easy to use

While looking through the 6X eyepiece, depress the Power/Start button for a split second to activate the Clearview LCD Display.  Aim the center cross hairs directly at your target from at least 5 yards away and the HT-1000 will search for your target.  Once acquired, the yardage will show at the top of the LCD, the Flag-Lok circle will appear around the flag, and the unit will vibrate.  You are locked on to the target!

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Indicators

You may use your Harry Taylor HT-1000 to measure distances in either yards or meters.  The display will show either a “Y” for yards or an “M” for meters. 

Flag-Lok Technology

Flag-Lok Technology gives you both a visual queue; a circle appears around your target, and a physical queue, the unit vibrates like a cell phone on vibrate, when the unit has locked onto the flag.  Once you see and feel the Flag-Lok notification you can be sure the yardage now displayed on your “Clearview” LCD is accurate to +/- 1 yard.

Slope Technology

The Harry Taylor HT-1000 can adjust for slopes on a golf course as drastic as 45 degrees.  To turn Slope adjustment on or off simply move the Slope On/Off switch (4) to the desired position.  When Slope adjustment is on your Clearview LCD will display 2 different distances. Above the cross hairs will be the actual distance, below the cross hairs will be the adjusted distance compensating for slope.  Below the adjusted distance your LCD will also show the degrees of slope used for the adjustment.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Your Harry Taylor HT-1000 is warranted to be operational and free of material and workmanship defects for a period of one (1) year.

 Includes: Laser Rangefinder with Slope, Protective Case, Strap, Carabiner, Cleaning Cloth, Charging Cord, and User Manual.