Harry Taylor University

Learn from the legend himself! Enjoy these great videos and free lessons from Harry Taylor and friends!

Just How Easy Is The 405 To Hit In The Sand?

Ron Gring on How to Hit It High and Soft Around the Green

Pitching and Chipping Technique Taught by Harry

 Harry Teaches the Pitch and Run

 More on the Pitch and Run

 No Green to Work With?  Harry Shows You What to Do

A Lesson on How to Hit an Uphill Bunker Shot 

 Harry Teaches the Downhill Bunker Shot

A Lesson in Buried Lies!


 The NEW 405 Dimple Series Wedge  

 Harry Explains the Secrets of the 305 Series Wedge


How to "Roll Out" Your Wedge Shot

 The 405 Red Wide Sole Dimpled Wedge in some ugly rough.