Hacker's Paradise Gushes Over the Series 305 Wedges!

Hacker's Paradise Gushes Over the Series 305 Wedges!

From HackersParadise.com:

"Alright, update time.

I'm pretty convinced that if these can be put INTO THE HANDS of people, they'll be surprised by them. While we have seen other wedge companies take a similar order/production approach to these, the quality here truly is top notch. There is a really really nice feel and a completely well rounded look at address. One thing I like is that at setup it rides the line of a rounded and flat leading edge, not extreme one way or the other as is usually the case.

Additionally the soles are more versatile than I anticipated, when I first read about these I immediately said to myself "Where are the options?" because right now on the market that is what we are consistently having thrown at us, this is a throwback in the sense that it is a straight forward grind on each wedge intent on maximizing versatility and playability for a variety of lies and not a finite type of lie/swing. With that, the turf interaction has been really good, from full swings to tight-lie chips/pitches I've yet to see any situations that adversely effect the playability.

They feel excellent if I'm being totally honest. Sure, thats subjective, but there is no harsh clickiness here, just a nice dense thump at impact, something I believe most prefer in their wedges as it gives the sensation of being "soft", and in a part of the game where "touch" is key, its a big deal for many.

I'm not seeing any more or less spin than other wedges I'm trying them against, that isn't a knock, in fact its a good thing because ALL WEDGES SPIN, the key is to remember that sometimes the technique is going to dictate spin to the largest degree, as will the overall profile and how it meshes with the users swing. This brings us back to the need to get them in hand for people to try/experience.

Finish wise the satin is stellar, the face isn't showing any abnormal wear and there is just some light brushing on the sole. The black finish is showing a bit more wear obviously, but its predominantly on the sole, the face is still really clean (I promise I'll get some pics this afternoon) after practice today.

They're solid. I don't just say that because I'm reviewing them either, I'm a bit of a wedge snob with what I enjoy and these are filling in easily. They've got a lot of "old school" to them to my mind in that they are just meant to be versatile and really well rounded all over. Plus, they're really clean looking, they remind me a lot of the MacGregor wedges we used to see when they were still a standalone company in that regard, clean.

More soon, and yes I am still going to put up some comparative spin numbers!"


- James (The Hackers Paradise)