Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day can be tough for some gift givers.  Finding the right gift for Dad can be a little difficult, especially if Dad isn’t a golfer.  That is, if you want to put in any type of effort.  If you don’t, socks and a tie will get the job done.  Socks and a tie... at least get him a book.  I was in a great little independent bookstore the other day and I saw this quote, “Give a book, because no one ever talks about the tie that changed his life”.  So, if Dad isn’t a golfer, get him a book you think might change his life. 

But, if Dad is a golfer, here’s a few gift ideas for you.

A book. (-:

There are a few recently released books that I think are worth a read;

So Help Me Golf:  Why We Love the Game by Rick Reilly -$29

Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar by Alan Shipnuck - $30

Tiger & Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry by Bob Harig -$29

Some of the classics, still relevant today, that would make a great gift:

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf by Harvey Penick -$24

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect by Bob Rotella -$26

Golf In The Kingdom by Michael Murphy -$25

Don’t buy Dad a golf book designed to teach him golf.  Get him a series of lessons, give him a notebook with the certificate for the lessons.  Tell him to take notes and create his own “personal” instruction manual.  I’ve never seen a golf book actually teach golf to anyone except people capable of writing an instructional golf book.  Go ahead and hold me to task for recommending a golf lesson book just above with Harvey’s Little Red Book, but then read The Little Red Book and tell me I’m wrong.  It’s not about the golf swing… much.

Start here.  Buy this for your golfing Dad once a month, every month your Dad plays golf from now until he stops.  Sunscreen and sun protecting lip balm; SPF 30 or higher, zinc, paraben free, natural ingredients.  Let’s be very clear, the author is no expert in “what” sunscreen you should get, but I know you should.  Too many of this writer’s friends have had to deal with skin cancer.  Keep Dad safe! Reapply as directed.

If you can’t get him to wear sunscreen, there’s an issue with skin allergies, or like one of my friends you worry the sun screen is worse than the sun, there is another option, big floppy sun hats and sun sleeves.  I have a friend who swears by both garments, and he tells me he can usually get his opponents to give him a couple extra shots just because of how he looks.  My friend also never gets a sunburn and wins a lot at golf.  There are now plenty of lightweight long-sleeved performance polos with high speed wicking properties and 50+ SPF.  The point is simple, protecting Dad from the sun is a fantastic gift! 

Golf balls.  But not just any type of golf balls.  The kind of golf ball he plays.  If you don’t know, sneak into his golf bag and look for the most prevalent brand and type in the bag.  Maybe he marks the balls he plays with his initials or a special mark.  You could ask someone with whom he often plays.  If necessary, just ask him.  Maybe in a sneaky way, “hey Dad, I see all these commercials for different kinds of golf balls, does it really matter?  Does it matter to you?  What do you play?”  To make it really special go to www.golfballs.com and have his name or “#1 Dad” printed on his brand of ball.  Remember, to a serious golfer there’s a difference between a Titleist ProV1 and a Titleist ProV1X so be sure you know the exact type of ball he prefers.  One insurance policy you do have with golf balls, if you go the generic route, if you get the model wrong, most pro shops will trade your dad for the model he prefers.  Make sure Dad knows if you had his gift customized.  Last year we sent my father-in-law the wrong brand of balls with “#1 Dad” on them (he had changed brands since last time we played).  He brought them to his local pro shop and traded them for the brand he actually played, never looked at them.  We’re thinking at some point someone bought that dozen balls with #1 Dad on them and hopefully was pleasantly surprised.

Rangefinder.  The new ones are easy to use, fast, and remarkably accurate.  Readers of this blog can save an extra 10% off a Harry Taylor rangefinder by using the discount code “DAD10” at checkout.  Giving Dad the complete confidence that he has the right yardage, even know the adjusted yardage when going up or down hills is a pretty awesome gift.

What’s the best gift you can give your Dad?  Go play golf with him.  Nothing you can give your Dad will last longer or make him happier than the memory and the feeling of playing golf with his kids.  By all means, give him honors on the first tee.