The Desert Sun - Harry Taylor wedges make name

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Harry Taylor Golf is not a big name in golf, but the former PGA Tour player is hoping to change that with a new line of wedges.

Taylor’s precision-milled Series 305 wedges are designed to produce maximum spin and control. Each wedge has been designed with the proper bounce to help from digging and allows the club to glide through turf or sand.

Each Harry Taylor Series 305 wedges come standard with top components in golf.  The True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft is the perfect addition to the 303 stainless steel heads.  This high-flex, tour-weighted shaft allows for a penetrating trajectory at a moderate swing tempo.  With the Dynamic Gold shaft, golfers can maximize the benefits of the Series 305 Wedge head which is designed to provide the very best accuracy to your short game.

With Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip’s non-slip pattern, sweat and moisture won’t reduce comfort or accuracy. Combined with the True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft and the most carefully designed wedge head, you can play confidently and comfortably for the full 18 holes.

The HT Series 305 wedge in chrome is $149.99, while the black finish is $169.99.